1-in 16-out camera control hub.


The ShutterCell is a camera trigger distribution hub. Multiple units can be linked with standard Cat5 cable to provide dependable triggering for large multi camera systems.


• 1 x Opto-isolated Input on 3.5mm 'stereo' mini jack

• 16 x Opto-isolated Outputs on 3.5mm 'stereo' mini jack

• 2 x Cell-Link RJ45 - connect the power and signal of multiple ShutterCells via standard Cat5 cable

• 1 x 5.5 x 2.5 mm DC jack - 5VDC - input

• Housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure


ShutterCells are £300 per unit ex-VAT.


Cabling options available.



GI-Lite - a highly controllable lighting system aimed at providing optimal lighting conditions for the accurate capture of head scan data for use in 3D / 4D, CG and VFX.


The GI-Lite is a compact and portable 2 meter diameter geodesic sphere. It is capable of 156 independent lighting directions from 312 individually controllable high power LEDs.


It can be configured to display spherical lighting gradient sequences or other

lighting states as required.


Polarising or other filters may be quickly added/removed as required.


Outputs sync the capture cameras to the playback sequence or alternatively a Tri-sync input is provided to sync the GI Lite's playback to an external sync generator.



The GI-Lite may also be controlled by DMX.



We design and develop specialist engineered electronics - Let us know your problem and we'll instigate a solution.


Esper Design have extensive experience with lighting, audio, still and moving images, we can develop systems to assist in the capture, processing and reproduction of data from any of these fields.


Contact us with your project's details.



Cross-polarised with linear polarisers - 14 lighting states captured in less than 0.5 seconds.

GI, XYZ gradients

Example retrieved data


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